Why You Should Opt For Tooth-Colored Enamel Restorations


A perfect and beautiful smile is the key to confidence in public. With time, our teeth may experience damage or wear out from continued use. Thanks to technology, dental restoration options are now available to help us regain lost confidence. If you have fractured teeth or cavities, you should not give up just yet. Book an appointment online with a Newport Beach tooth colored enamel restorations specialist for effective and customized treatment.

Tooth-colored enamel restorations are an option for damaged enamel, replacing old crowns and fillings, or prevention functions. Here are the amazing benefits of this procedure:

Aesthetic benefits

Nothing can be more disappointing than getting a restoration procedure that is easily noticeable by anyone. These filings are popular because they resemble the color and likeness of your natural tooth. They are made from different materials but are customized to resemble the enamel of a real tooth. That way, you can comfortably walk without worries of people easily telling you to have a filling.

They are durable

Tooth-colored enamel restorations are made from a composite resin that is resilient and durable more than the natural enamel. With proper tooth care, the fillings can last for about a decade without replacement. The dentist will look at the progress during the periodic care sessions.

They are easy to maintain

Tooth-colored enamel restorations do not require special treatment after the procedure. You will only need to continue with the regular tooth cleaning by brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once.

Treatment is fast

Unlike other procedures requiring booking several sessions, you will not spend more than an hour at the dentist’s chair with this treatment. The procedure is also painless without side effects. Therefore, you don’t take time off from your job for treatment.

Preserves the tooth structure

Dentists bond the composite resin directly to the tooth, meaning that they do not need to remove much of the healthy natural tooth. In other similar procedures like gold and silver fillings, the dentist needs to remove quite a substantial tooth structure to make room for the material. Therefore, this method is conservative and preserves the natural tooth. For this reason, some people use tooth-colored enamel restorations to replace mercury and silver filings.

They boost confidence

Many people report feeling self-conscious of cavities in public. This restoration procedure will cover the cavity holes to boost your confidence about smiling in public. Additionally, tooth-colored enamel restorations strengthen the tooth, thus preventing future cavities.

Replaces old crowns

Old metal fillings can make your teeth have a grey color, and old crowns could grey your gum line. The dentist can use tooth-colored enamel restorations to replace these crowns and restore your tooth’s appearance and functionality.

At Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry, specialists use a biocompatible resin and porcelain material without mercury to replace worn-out tooth enamel. The material is safe and is customized to match the tooth color. Book an appointment today to regain a beautiful smile.

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