Why it is Important to Get Moles/Nevi Checked

Developing moles and nevi on the skin increases your risk of skin cancer. Specialists including Joy Green, PA-C, and Ali Hendi, MD, examine whether your moles are typical or atypical. It would be determined while evaluating your skin at the Chevy Chase moles/nevi, Maryland, office. Most moles do not become cancerous. However, your health care provider should identify mole changes that could result in skin cancers, such as melanoma.

Understanding what moles are

Moles, also called nevi, usually develop due to clustering of pigmented cells. Moles are normal and childhood is when most moles develop for most people. Most moles are not cancerous. Atypical moles would enhance your chance of developing a severe kind of skin cancer called melanoma.

The difference between atypical moles and common moles 

  •         Common moles

Common moles usually appear as dark brown spots on the skin surface. Such moles could be flesh colored, tan, or black, and might be oval or round.

Having common moles located anywhere on your body is deemed normal. Over time, they may begin changing in appearance. Sometimes they even fade away fully.

  •         Atypical moles

These moles look different from common moles. They are skin growths having an asymmetrical shape and an irregular border. Most times, atypical moles are stable over time; however, having such kinds of moles means that you are at greater risk of developing a melanoma.  Atypical moles sometimes signal existing underlying skin cancer.

More extensive than normal moles should be examined immediately to determine whether they are cancerous.

What to do when you get moles/nevi

Regular home self-exams can help you to identify better moles having changed in color, shape, or size. Although common moles generally are harmless, scheduling a skin evaluation is essential so that you can confirm that they are harmless.

You will also require remaining proactive to protect the skin. Practice wearing high-quality sunscreen when you tread into the sun, despite the winter season. Avoid tanning booths and sunlamps as they may also cause moles to develop.

Plan for routine skin evaluations if your medical background suggests having a history of melanoma in the family or any other kinds of cancer. In the case of atypical moles, regular checkups with your care provider ensure that they are thoroughly supervised.

Understanding what melanoma is

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops in melanocytes. This type of cancer is dangerous as it can affect surrounding tissues and spread to other parts of the body. It is vital to detect melanomas early to improve the likelihood of treatment being successful.

Whenever you notice that a mole itches, bleeds, or oozes, has become hard or feels lumpy, has changed either in size or color, the skin on the surface has become dry or scaly, visit your health care provider requesting a biopsy for detecting cancer during the early stages. This procedure helps your physician determine the treatment that is highly effective in treating cancer.

Call Ali Hendi, MD today to learn more about moles and to schedule a consultation to get your moles checked. 


Tips That Will Help You Have Strong Teeth

Having healthy teeth is something that most people don’t have. It takes almost your entire life to have excellent oral health. It is best to look after your teeth frequently, even though you already have good ones. Having healthy teeth has many advantages, and it keeps you free from gum infections that might cause other conditions in the body. You can utilize several tips to ensure your teeth remain healthy, and we are discussing some in this article. periodontal disease in Campbell it can now be treated thanks to the team of experts.

How do you look after your teeth?

Several tips will ensure you have healthy teeth. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Brush your teeth well

Your dental health is much determined by the technique you use when brushing your teeth. There is no difference between brushing badly and not brushing at all, thus, making it very critical to watch how you graze them. Take time as you do it. Brush in a specific motion to eliminate plaque. Failure to stop it makes it get hard, thus leading to the accumulation of calculus.

  1. Use toothpaste always

There are several factors to inquire about when settling for a toothpaste besides its flavor. It is advisable always to choose the one that has fluoride when purchasing. There has, however, been an outcry by members of the public concerning the impact of fluoride on our health, but it is still a critical component in this sector because it prevents tooth decay. Germs that cause tooth decay are fought by this fluoride and create a cover for the teeth, acting as a shield.

  1. Floss them as often as you brush

The majority of people brush frequently but forget to floss their teeth as well. Flossing helps to eliminate food particles that remain in your mouth. It assists in rejuvenating your gums and keeps you safe from inflammation. For maximum results, try flossing three times a day.

  1. Drink more water

Water is the most incredible drink for a person’s general wellbeing; this entails oral health. You are advised to drink water after eating because it helps eliminate the food remnants and drinks that brushing failed to remove.

  1. Consume a lot of fruits and veggies

It is easy to consume ready-made meals, but they have no benefits to your teeth’ health. It would help to consume fresh fruits that are rich in fiber and healthy for your teeth. Guardians should give these fruits to children from younger ages to ensure their jaws are in perfect condition from that age.

  1. Visit your dentist frequently

The health of your teeth dramatically depends on your daily habits. It does not matter if you brush or floss frequently; you should visit the dentist often. Three times per year is an ideal number.


There are many advantages associated with healthy teeth, and we should take advantage of them to make sure our teeth remain in the best shape. Visit your dentist frequently to have checkups to tackle any tooth issue at the early stages.


A Closer Look at High-Risk Pregnancies

Although having a baby is a natural process, not all pregnancies run smoothly. Complications during pregnancy could affect the mother, the baby, or both. It is crucial to receive comprehensive care to manage your pregnancy better. Dr. Coppa is your trusted specialist for high-risk obstetrics in Providence.

Conditions That May Cause High-Risk Pregnancies

Some of the factors causing high-risk pregnancies include:

  1. Maternal Age – Women in their early teens and below or over age 35 are at greater risk of high-risk pregnancies than those who get pregnant between their late teens and early thirties. Genetic defects and the risk of having a miscarriage are even higher after age 40.
  2. Certain medical conditions, for example, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc., can cause pregnancy complications. A family history of genetic disorders and a personal medical history of previous miscarriages also contribute to high-risk pregnancies.
  3. Certain medications – It is essential to inform your doctor of medications you might be taking during your pregnancy because some can harm your baby and lead to still-births or miscarriages. You should avoid taking alcohol or any illegal recreational drugs during pregnancy, as they may also cause complications.
  4. Multiple pregnancies – Carrying more than one fetus makes a pregnancy high-risk due to the complex nature of sharing a womb.
  5. Other times pregnancy complications develop without a specific cause and have no relation to the mother’s health. For example, gestational diabetes that develops during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of High-Risk Pregnancies

As soon as you realize you are pregnant, it is essential to visit the doctor for routine monthly checkups until week 28. In the third trimester, the checkups increase to bimonthly.  These checkups help your care provider keep track of your pregnancy and your baby’s development. The checkups make it easier to identify any complications and treat them before they become serious. The tests used to diagnose high-risk pregnancies during your routine visits include blood tests and ultrasounds.

If your doctor identifies your pregnancy as high-risk, he/she will recommend more visits to monitor your pregnancy further and in rare cases may even suggest admittance to the hospital.

Symptoms of High-Risk Pregnancies

Some of the signs and symptoms of complications during pregnancy include:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Cramping
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Persistent headaches
  • Severe morning sickness
  • Blurred vision

Prevention and Treatment of High-Risk Pregnancies

Some of the ways your doctor will recommend to care for your pregnancy include:

  • Going for regular checkups
  • Getting at least 400 micrograms of folic acid throughout your pregnancy
  • Maintaining your weight and eating a healthy diet
  • Staying hydrated by drinking enough water
  • Avoiding taking recreational drugs like cigarettes and alcohol or any other medications not approved by your doctor
  • Getting proper immunizations
  • Staying active and doing light exercises to promote blood flow.

Your obstetrician will recommend that you limit strenuous activity and may even recommend bed rest for severe complications. Sometimes you will be advised to terminate your pregnancy if it poses a risk to your life.

To learn more about high-risk pregnancies and to receive the best prenatal and postnatal care, contact Dr. Coppa today by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.


Pain and Sports Medicine at Its Best

Chronic pain conditions effects are common among many individuals affecting and disrupting their daily activities. These pain conditions usually come from health issues, injuries, and accidents, including sport activities injuries. Most people use over-the-counter drugs to help relieve the pain. Treatment therapies such as massage and chiropractic care work effectively for some people in relieving the painful symptoms. However, proper medical diagnosis is effective to analyze and determine the main cause of the pain. How do you deal with your chronic pain conditions? Performance Pain and Sports Medicine specializes in providing pain medicine services to help improve people’s life quality. They offer quality and effective pain management treatments, including back pain in Newtown.

Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is committed to providing interventional pain management, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine services to help patients live pain-free lives. With locations in Lawrenceville, Raritan, Bordentown, East Brunswick, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas, they excel in serving the areas with top quality services. The team at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is highly qualified and is committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate care to meet their patients’ health concerns. They serve each patient at a time developing customized treatment plans for them to meet their unique needs.

They provide efficient therapies for various musculoskeletal conditions, including back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, neuropathic pain, and joint pain. The team provides exceptional customer services; patients also benefit from convenient opening hours with low and no wait times. The Performance Pain and Sports Medicine team of interventional pain specialists takes their time to effectively diagnose their patients, to ensure fewer injection therapies and lower surgical rates. They use advanced technology and equipment to offer the latest and the best treatments. They also have an on-site fluoroscopic procedure suite that provides convenient services to patients saving on their costs.

They offer service such as:

Degenerative disc disease

This disease triggers conditions such as herniated discs that are chronic and more severe. The experienced team at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine use minimally invasive procedures to relieve your back pain. Visit them today for services with guaranteed results.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries are common among athletes and people active in various sports activities. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine provides comprehensive treatments for sports injuries for faster healing to help you resume your favorite sports activities. Call or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation.

From sports injuries, work accidents to chronic pain conditions and joint pain, all these affect your life negatively interfering with proper life functions. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is committed to providing you with quality and extensive pain medicine services to help relieve your pain and improve your life quality. The practice with New Jersey and Houston Texas locations takes pride in providing interventional pain management, regenerative and anti-aging services to patients in these areas to help them live better healthy lives. Their team consists of certified pain medicine specialists committed to meeting patients’ needs through individualized treatments. They are caring and compassionate; hence, providing patients with a comfortable and relaxing environment. They welcome both new and existing patients. Visit them today in your preferred location for services to improve your health and life as a whole.


Benefits of Having Healthy Teeth

Everybody would want to have clean and healthy gums and teeth. It is the result of maintaining proper hygiene, and it has a significant effect on your life. For good dental health, it is wise to brush and floss your teeth often. There are many benefits enjoyed by people with healthy teeth because most people notice your teeth before anything else. With healthy teeth, you will save a lot of money that you would have instead paid to your dentist, thus making prevention more critical. In this article, we will discuss some advantages of having healthy teeth. Dr. Arman Dayan has all the required skills to handle your teeth issues.

Advantages of having healthy teeth

There are many merits that people with healthy teeth experience. Below we discuss some;

  1. Better breath

You will eliminate bacteria that lead to bad breath by looking after your teeth and gums. It is difficult to have positive relations with others when you have bad teeth. People with bad breath are avoided a lot as most people run to take cover immediately when the foul smell is noticed.

  1. Keeps you safe from decay

People who look after their teeth are less likely to have tooth decay. Ensuring you have healthy teeth ensures that the food remains are eliminated. This is overseen by bacteria present in the dental cavity that turns these remains into acids. With this, you are safe from cavities, and you remain free from dental issues in the future.

  1. Triggers your esteem

The majority of people will judge how your teeth look when they first see you. They will place you in a better social place, suppose they are healthy, and they will also assume you are doing well off financially; those with unhealthy teeth will receive the opposite treatment. With this said, those with healthier teeth are freer because they are sure that everybody sees them positively.

  1. Healthy teeth keep you safe from cardiovascular infections.

Healthy teeth keep you safe from cardiovascular infections. A recent study has proven that you might trigger your heart disease chances if you do not eliminate the swelling caused by periodontal infections. These diseases make those with this infection at a higher risk.

  1. You become less prone to cancers of the mouth.

You can reduce or prevent chances associated with the mouth when you look after your mouth. Smokers and excessive drinkers are more likely to have these diseases. It would help to visit your dentist often as he is the one responsible for your healthy teeth.

  1. You will have healthy infants.

Researchers have carried out various studies aimed at showing the association between diseases of the gums and childbirth. You are more likely to have premature births with infected gums, and the child might have a small weight. This makes it vital for women to ensure they have healthy teeth.


There are many advantages of having healthy teeth. They range from improved confidence to reducing diabetes infection. It would help to visit your dentist frequently to have your teeth checked up on.


Reasons Why You May Need a Dental Extraction

Overcrowding, severe damage, and significant infections are some of the reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. Problematic teeth negatively affect oral health and it is essential to seek a safe, comfortable, and effective extraction from your care provider. Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery is a leading surgical practice with a team of board-certified experts including Amir Naimi, DDS is a respected oral surgeon in Alexandria.

Understanding extractions

A dental extraction is the surgical removal of a tooth. Having your tooth extracted is not usually the first option your oral surgeon will provide because it is recommended that you try other options that will keep as much of your oral structures intact. However, sometimes a problematic tooth is better being extracted as it poses a danger to your health. In this case, your oral practitioner will recommend tooth extraction as your best option.

Reasons why tooth extraction is necessary

Your oral surgeon might recommend a dental extraction when:

  •         Your teeth are overcrowded

Certain procedures, like teeth alignment, require some of your teeth to be extracted to create more room in your mouth. This happens when your teeth are overcrowded in your mouth.

  •         In preparation for a dental implant

Before a problematic tooth is replaced, your dental surgeon first extracts it to make room for a dental implant to be placed.

  •         Wisdom teeth concerns

One of the most common tooth extractions done is wisdom teeth extractions. This is because sometimes your smile is impacted when your mouth does not have enough room for extra molars. In this case, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

  •         Impacted canines

Permanent canines that have problems erupting through your gums require extractions as they may affect the integrity of your smile.

  •         Infection

Periodontal diseases that cause infection and damage to your teeth and cannot be treated with restorations or endodontic therapy make dental extractions necessary.

  •         Physical damage

Physical trauma to your tooth may cause it to break at the enema. Most people opt to do an extraction to preserve their smile.

How to care for dental extractions

When a tooth is extracted, the socket from where it was removed usually develops a blood clot. This clot is rich in platelets and white blood cells which help to accelerate the healing process. To ensure that the clot develops properly, your oral surgeon will recommend certain practices for you to do at home that will care for the affected area like using ice and eating soft foods. You will also be advised to refrain from making suction pressure in your mouth and touching the area with your fingers or a toothbrush. These detailed instructions help to promote healing and reduce complications such as infections or the development of a dry socket. After an extraction, your oral surgeon will also recommend tooth replacement options like implants and dentures.

To learn more about tooth extractions and to schedule, a visit for a safe, comfortable and effective procedure, call Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery or visit their website to book your consultation online.



Nerve-Blocking Injection for Pain Management

Constant and chronic pain can be incapacitating. You don’t have to live with it, though, as there are many nerve-blocking treatments that could ease the pain. Chronic pain could result from trauma, infections like arthritis, and post-surgery procedures. You could seek an expert in epidural steroid injection in McAllen for advice and back pain treatment. 

How Epidural Injections Reduce Pain

Epidural injections work on the nerve endings to control severe and mild pain, and they are injected directly into the affected area. If you have back pain, you could directly receive the epidural injection to the spinal cord, on the neck, and other parts of the spine. Your doctor should inform you about the local anesthesia used during the procedure and the combination of the steroids in the epidural injection. Epidural steroid injection on the spinal cord blocks the nerves that transmit pain to the brain and helps you engage in physical exercises that could help you regain normal body functions without surgery.

Why You Need a Nerve Block

The epidural injection on the spinal cord could help doctors know the areas responsible for the pain, and thus act as diagnostic tools. Your doctor could inject epidural steroids with short term effects on the spinal cord to map the areas with pain for effective pain treatment. They could help guide the location where one needs surgery or other pain treatment options.

How the Body Responds To Epidural Injections

Nerve blocks could give immediate relief to chronic and mild pain, but people react differently to the steroid injection. Some people could get instant pain relief from the epidural nerve block, but others could take multiple injections to get the desired results. Although the injection results are unpredictable, your doctor could guide you on the journey, as pain is a personal perception, and everyone could react differently. Additionally, if you have had pain for a short time, you might get instant relief compared to a person who has had pain long-term. The longer the time one has had pain, the higher the chances of needing multiple injections, which deal with the pain generators. Therefore, it could help if you got the injection before the pain becomes chronic for better results.

What to Expect After an Epidural Injection

Although you would get local anesthesia, it does not last for long, and you could get post-procedure pain that will improve with time. The peak of the effect of nerve-blocking should occur within ten days, and you will start to feel better slowly. The first response to the nerve-blocking injection could form the baseline for your doctor regarding future treatments, and they help pinpoint the nerve that causes pain.


Although post-surgery pain, trauma, and pain that results from different diseases could cause havoc for you, it should not be a part of your life. You can seek medical nerve blocking procedures like epidural injections that help pinpoint the pain’s exact location. They could help guide your doctor on further pain treatment and help you undertake everyday activities before getting surgical procedures to treat the underlying conditions.



The Top Leading Psychiatric Practice in Chicago

Many individuals today have mental health issues or are at a high risk of developing them. Most of them are caused by emotional stress, psychological issues, health conditions, and traumatic experiences. It starts as a small issue then gradually becomes serious to the extent of committing suicide. Common signs and symptoms of mental health diseases include lack of sleep, lack of concentration, worrying more about life, future, withdrawal from friends, and activities. However, mental disorders can be prevented through healthy lifestyles, exercises, positive thinking, anger management, and good relationships. If you are already suffering from mental disorders, it’s essential to seek medical help. Uptown Psych specializes in providing mental health services, including ADHD in Chicago Area, in helping people live quality lives.

The psychiatric practice started in 2011 to provide quality and effective mental health services to patients living in and around Chicago. Uptown Psych is a top leading mental health practice with a team of board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to all patients. They are highly experienced with high expertise in various mental health issues and strive to provide customized treatments for patients including children, adolescents, and adults. They have the knowledge and skills required to treat any mental health problem, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, and anxiety spectrum disorders.

The entire team at Uptown Psych is caring and understands the impact mental health issues can have on their patients; hence they treat them with so much love and attention. They focus on providing treatments as soon as possible through their exceptional customer services. They have a patient portal that allows patients to communicate directly with the physicians and even schedule appointments. The practice also accepts health insurance plans; hence it is convenient and affordable to many individuals. They are highly skilled and offer extensive services including:


Addiction can have severe effects on a person’s life, including their health, relationships, and quality of life. Uptown Psych team of psychologists and psychiatrists have experience in treating addiction with successful results. Visit them today for services.


Many children in the world today have autism. It does not only affect the child but also the parents and the whole family as well. The team of professionals at Uptown Psych specializes in autism treatments led by Dr. Rempfer, an autism specialist that helps manage the condition. Call or book an appointment today to learn more.

Uptown Psych also provides treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger management, post-traumatic disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, sleep problems, eating disorder, substance abuse, and major depressive disorder. If you are struggling with a mental disorder, feel free to ask for help, medical help, or even talk to a friend, do not suffer alone. Mental health is essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Uptown Psych is committed to enhancing you, and your loved ones live mentally healthier lives by providing quality and effective services. Located in Chicago, Illinois, they strive to offer efficient services, including telemedicine, to patients unable to reach their offices. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them today for services to improve and change your life for the better.


Advantages of a Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that entails restoring, altering, and reconstructing parts of a body. It is mostly conducted to enhance one’s appearance; this also doubles up as the main advantage of this surgery. There are, however, other advantages of cosmetic surgery besides changing your countenance. In the modern era, where there is a lot of pressure on social media platforms such as Instagram, it is by no surprise that this procedure’s demand is on the rise. This article will equip you with the advantages of having plastic surgery to think about having it done. You can have the best procedures at Denver facial rejuvenation.

Benefits of plastic surgery

  1. Boosts your confidence

Your self-confidence is higher when you look good. For most people, enhancing their appearance makes them have higher esteem levels, enabling them to participate in social events with ease. With this procedure, you might find yourself going for clothes that you would not wear when your body was not in your desired shape.

  1. Enhances your physical health

Cosmetic surgery helps enhance your looks as well as your physical health. An example is rhinoplasty, a procedure that entails putting your nose in the right shape; it enables you to breathe properly and uplift the nose aesthetics. A breast reduction procedure enhances body contour. This procedure also solves body discomfort, such as pain in the neck and back area because of oversized breasts.

  1. It makes your mental health better.

You can gain mental benefits from plastic surgery as well. The majority of people have recorded a decrease in social anxiety after the procedure because they are now confident in their new look. This makes them take better charge of their lives, desire to venture into new adventures, and control their lives with a fresh beginning.

  1. It comes with new opportunities.

In 2011, a separate study showed that attractive agents in the real estate sector sold houses for higher prices than those less attractive. It has also been observed that attractive people are paid better than the less attractive ones. They also get promotions often.

  1. Eliminates extra weight

It is easier for patients going through liposuction or other procedures to ensure they weigh less after these surgeries. With this surgery’s positive result, you will be motivated to maintain the perfect weight and indulge in exercises. A healthy body is achieved after the body weight is in the right condition, and with this, your body will be less prone to attacks.

  1. It makes your vision better.

The blepharoplasty reconstructs faulty eyelids, thus enhancing your vision. This procedure also corrects dry eyes. Patients who have undergone this procedure have recorded improved countenance and vision.


Plastic surgery has more health merits than most of us know. They range from improved confidence to increased opportunities among others. It is a simple procedure that lasts less than three hours, and most patients head home shortly after.



Comprehensive Dermatology Services in Virginia

Glen Allen Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center is a trendsetter in dermatology services. With a capable taskforce and innovative treatment options, you can put your faith in the dermatologists’ able hands for all your skin concerns. Contact them for a customized treatment plan with guaranteed visible results.

About Service

Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center in Glen Allen, Virginia, focuses on providing comprehensive dermatology services to individuals within and around Richmond. The combined expertise of general dermatologist Patricia O’Connor, MD, and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon William Gillen, MD, makes the practice superior in dermatologic care.

Dr. Gillen is vastly trained in surgical tumor removal skin reconstruction for cancer patients, for even large and complex tumors demanding a multidisciplinary approach. On the other hand, Dr. O’Connor specializes in general dermatology services, both aesthetic and medical, addressing issues such as psoriasis, eczema, melasma, acne, and many more.

Absolute Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center regularly offer skincare products from SkinMedica, Elta MD, and SkinCeuticals. Also offered are allergan injectable products such as Botox® and Juvéderm®.

Both doctors served as co-residents in their three years of Dermatology training at Virginia Commonwealth University, serving as chief residents in their last year. They have perfected their team-based approach to dermatology and leadership, working jointly to design treatment plans for their mutual patients. After four years of training and working in diverse environments, they are zealous about making the most of these experiences to make their practice the best fit for your comprehensive dermatology care.

Available Treatment Services

At Absolute Dermatology, patients receive a full range of superior services from compassionate providers. Available services include:

  • Skin Cancer Specialist- Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer and can have adverse effects if not properly handled. With periodic skin cancer screenings at Absolute Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, you can receive early diagnosis and treatment to avoid complications.
  • Skin Disorders Specialist-Skin disorders can be ugly, embarrassing, or indicators of skin cancer. Contact the specialists for professional treatment of bumps, lumps, and rashes and regain fresh, healthy skin.
  • Acne Specialist- Acne affects not just teenagers. Adults, too, suffer from this condition. If you are having concerns about blackheads, pimples, inflammation, and residual discoloration caused by acne, contact the experts at Absolute Dermatology and let them resolve your problem.
  • Melasma Specialist-If you experience blotchy discoloration patches on your skin, it may be a sign of melasma. Although harmless, this condition can be quite embarrassing and frustrating. For expert diagnosis and treatment of melasma, seek Patricia O’Conner, MD, of Absolute Dermatology.
  • Psoriasis Specialist-Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition affecting the skin, joints, and occasionally the cardiovascular system. If you are having concerns over this condition, contact Absolute Dermatology to take advantage of their cutting-edge treatments.
  • Skin Tags Specialist-Although protruding skin is painless, they may still embarrass you, causing you unnecessary discomforts. For professional skin tag removal, contact Absolute Dermatology’s experts to achieve beautiful, smooth skin.

To learn more about how you can have the most of these cutting-edge treatments and improve your skin, Absolute Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center awaits your appointment. Call for consultations or book online.